New Ikéa PS collection "On the move": our 10 favorites

New Ikéa PS collection "On the move": our 10 favorites

This year, Ikéa signs a new PS collection, designated as the most daring by the director of these collections, Peter Klinkert. On the program: objects designed by urban designers aimed at young people who live in sparse apartments. We discover colorful, practical creations that adapt to the slightest square centimeter. Small space, does not mean no decoration… the proof in pictures with our 10 favorites.


Ikéa Bedside table, side table, stool or lamp, it's up to you to decide how you want to use it. Easy to transport, it travels from room to room without ever imposing itself. We adopt!

A steel side table

Ikéa At Ikéa, we love objects and multifunctional furniture. The proof is once again made with this steel side table which has a small corner magazine holder very practical.

A bench in the entrance

Ikéa If you have the impression of seeing a sledge while looking at this bench, know that you are not dreaming! The Swedish designer was indeed inspired by the "spark", a sort of sled scooter from the North. We love !

A colorful secretary

Ikéa You do not have the place to install an office in your studio or your small apartment? Ikéa has thought of everything and offers this mini secretary as decorative as it is practical.

Mutant furniture

Ikea Simple design and dynamic colors are the hallmarks of this table with trays / storage unit. We transform it according to our desires or our needs. Office, living room, and even bathroom will adopt it.

Storage boxes

Ikea Aligned or stacked, these wooden boxes adapt to the trend of cube storage. In an entrance hall, we slip our shoes on and we create a very useful bench.

Wall decor

Ikea You have noticed, this openwork lampshade creates pretty patterns when lit. And this is not its only asset! Thanks to its open cells, you can clip small notes or small decorative objects into it. Smart, right?

A game bench

Ikéa Swing, crawl, jump or just sit, children will find the way to appropriate this little colorful bench. A game object that also focuses on decoration… bravo Ikéa!

Smooth it out

Ikéa This corner armchair is as comfortable as a well-upholstered sofa. Ideal to install in small spaces, it creates a place conducive to relaxation. A small isolated corner that will be appreciated no matter where it is positioned.