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Children's picnic to be like the grown-ups

Children's picnic to be like the grown-ups

Summer is approaching and with it the picnic season! If you love to eat lunch or dine outside, your children also love to enjoy the fresh air! This is why, there are many models of tables adapted to the size of the little ones, dedicated dishes sets, or even tips so that your toddlers can eat with their friends! Here is our selection for a successful children's picnic!

A wooden table for lunch in the garden

Margellan This picnic table, signed Margellan, is made of organic wood. Use it for your children to have lunch outdoors on sunny days, or as an office during winter. You can also paint it if you want to give it a little color!

A comfortable model for two children

Pinolino Fall in love with this pretty picnic table, made of natural solid pine wood, from the Pinolino brand. This model is suitable for two children, aged 2 to 7 years.

Protect your children from the sun!

DR With this picnic table with integrated parasol, your children will be well protected from the sun's rays. This model is suitable for toddlers from 2 years and can also be placed indoors. Easy to clean, it is very resistant.

An insulated bag

Decoration and flavors To make your little blond heads feel like grown-ups during the transport of their little sandwiches, nothing like a childish and colorful cooler bag!

When the sandbox also serves as a dining table!

La Redoute Here is an unusual picnic table model! With a sandbox integrated in the middle, your children can play while eating! Sure they won't ask you to leave the table every 5 minutes!

A hexagonal table to have more space

Pinolino This six-seater table, branded Pinolino, is made of untreated solid fir. It is suitable for children from 2 to 8 years old and has two fixed and stable benches. Ideal for tasting outdoors! You can also add a parasol, sold separately, to the center of the table.

Retro and girly dishes!

The Chaise Longue We found THE perfect tableware for a little girl! This wicker wicker picnic case contains a metal dinette set, from the brand La Chaise Longue. Perfect for picnics like the grown-ups!

An outdoor lunch like the adults!

Cdiscount If you do not want to invest in special equipment, please your children in two steps three movements! Simply set up a nice table on a funny picnic blanket that you place in your garden. Put paper plates and cutlery to make cleaning easier, and voila!

A two in one picnic table

Couleur Garden This colorful four-seater table has a removable tray and a sandbox which can also be used as central storage. Whether to play or to store small objects, it will bring a playful side to the outdoor meals of the little ones!