10 tips to reconcile with painting

10 tips to reconcile with painting

The timing of the work is for many individuals in the mission! All the little nonsense like the traces of paints or the very hard brushes make us waste an incredible amount of time and tend to discourage us. To reconcile with painting, here are 10 tips that will make your life easier.

Store brushes easily

The Family Handyman Hang your brushes out of harm's way by installing a few screws or hooks on beams or joists, it's very practical but already seen. This time, we see that we can slip them on a wire and put away several brushes taking up a minimum of space. Very practical, we keep the idea! Source: The Family Handyman

More hair on the walls because of the roller

The Family Handyman Inexpensive paint rollers often lose their hair when they are rolled on a wall to deposit paint. Now before using it, wipe your clothes with adhesive tape and voila. Source: The Family Handyman

Keep your brushes perfect for the duration of the work

Apartment therapy What to do with paintbrushes full of paint overnight during work? Putting them in water is not a good solution because they will get wet the next day. Our solution; freeze them overnight by putting them in a plastic bag, and let them thaw the next day. The operation can be repeated during the work. Source: Apartment therapy

Use a magnet to hold your brush

Classy Clutter Losing a spoon in soup or a brush in the paint bucket can become a recurring problem. The idea so that this does not happen again: just place a magnet at the right height on the pot and leave the brush there. Fingers immersed in paint, it's ancient history. Source: Classy Clutter

Where to put your paint roller?

Refunk my junk By letting the first coat of paint dry overnight before starting again the next day, we found a place to "tidy up" the paint roller. Instead of cleaning it, put it in a box of crisps and store it in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning, when the roller is pulled, it is still wet and ready to be used again. Source: Refunk my junk

Save the paint before washing it under water

Mad Skills Painting is expensive and shouldn't be wasted. After each use, it is enough to scrape the outline of the roller with a scraper above the paint can to recover the excess. Source: Mad Skills

Easy cleaning for the paint tray.

Live Love Diy Before pouring the paint into the paint tray, cover it with a layer of aluminum foil. When you are done, just remove the sheet and throw it away. The paint tray will be as new and reusable as desired. Source: Live love diy

Cut the ribbon before pulling it

The Family Handyman Having previously placed a ribbon between the painted wall and the simise or the floor and the paint is dry, simply cut the ribbon with a cutter and then pull it out. This technique does not damage the paint, for perfect work. Source: The Family Handyman

Cut the edges of the rolls into shreds

The Family Handyman The jagged edges with tiny beads of paint seem harmless, but they will leave traces in the work. Just cut them leaving a slightly tapered edge, and our roll will be like new. Source: The Family Handyman