Discover the restaurants of the judges of Top Chef 2015

Discover the restaurants of the judges of Top Chef 2015

On January 26, the 2015 edition of Top Chef returned to the small screens to the delight of food lovers. Shorter, closer to the public and more modern, the show changes its look and is given a new jury. Exit Cyril Lignac, Ghislaine Arabian, Christian Constant or Thierry Marx and make way for the new kids: Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze and Michel Sarran, accompanied by the unbeatable Jean-François Piège. Discover without further delay the restaurants of three of them, which are likely to give cold sweats to the candidates…

The Jean-François Piège restaurant and the Thoumieux brasserie

Maria Total At 79 rue Saint-Dominique in Paris is the Thoumieux establishment, a former Chartier bouillon of 1200 m². In 2000, he found a second youth in the hands of Thierry Costes and Jean-François Piège who gave him back his acclaim and made it an essential address on the left bank.

Chic and retro: a must of true Parisian luxury

Laurent Fau The talent of the architect India Mahdavi has been to shake up the codes of this mythical place. Thus, in the Jean-François Piège restaurant, the architect transformed this small volume into a haven of comfort, creating depth and clarity by a subtle play of wefts, soft colors and materials.

Hélène Darroze, the international

M Bruno Since 1999 at the head of his own restaurant named Hélène Darroze, responsible for the kitchens of the legendary hotel The Connaught, located in the prestigious Mayfair district and at the head of a new establishment in Moscow since 2012, Hélène Darroze is the international of this culinary competition.

A new identity for the restaurant Hélène Darroze

Joelle's corner Located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the eponymous gourmet restaurant of Hélène Darroze opens up to new horizons today. In October 2009, aware that the expectations and behavior of the guests were changing, the Chef decided to develop his restaurant by replacing the products at the heart of his concept. Exit the superfluous and place the essentials, the products.

Comfortable atmosphere for this discreet chic establishment

Hélène Darroze This address, quickly recognized by the gastronomic guides whose highly respected Michelin is divided into three distinct spaces: the boudoir, an intimate and feminine space, Hélène's living room characterized by a cozy and relaxed atmosphere and the dining room upstairs, place of all sins and all delicacies. In this room, the decor, elegant and contemporary, the cozy atmosphere with soft and warm colors subtly echo the cuisine of Hélène Darroze, a cuisine between tradition and modernity, original and generous.

Michel Sarran, unknown to the general public

Photo credit: Jean-Jacques Gelbart Preview a few months ago in the culinary documentary "Wild cuisine", Chef Michel Sarran made a remarkable entry in the program Top Chef. The one who seduced M6 with his outspokenness and his personality is today an accomplished cook, recognized by his peers and the general public. Having studied with the greatest: Alain Ducasse, Michel Guérard and Jean-Michel Lorain, the Chef Toulousain is now the owner of his own restaurant for which he has obtained two stars.

The Michel Sarran gastronomic restaurant

Jean-Bernard Lafitte Set back from the city center, Michel Sarran's restaurant, which he runs alongside his wife Françoise, is THE benchmark in Toulouse. A cuisine executed with accuracy, highlighting exceptional products, fully marked by the personality of its chef.

Family home atmosphere

Jean-Jacques Gerbart A house more than a restaurant, Michel Sarran is a warm and friendly space where the art of living is practiced with gentleness, discretion and charm. Built on two levels, the decor of the rooms, redesigned in 2013, pays tribute to the region. The ground floor is dedicated to a room with modern furnishings. Wood and tiles that soften straight and curved lines and that, in fine weather, opens onto an interior garden. Upstairs, the concept of restaurant fades in favor of that of a family and bourgeois house. The rooms thus give off a more intimate and more subdued atmosphere.