Cushion: the 10 favorites of the editor

Cushion: the 10 favorites of the editor

A real decorative asset in our interiors, the cushion has become essential. With a multitude of materials, shapes, patterns, it meets all our style requirements. To help you choose the one that will soon join your sofa, your rocking chair or even your bed, we offer our favorite selection.

In the forest

Maisons du Monde Wolf and deer heads take over this lounge with a soft and natural atmosphere. Once placed on the bench, these cushions bring a wild note as we like them. 16 euros both


3 Suisses Imagined by the singer Coeur de Pirate, this bird motif cushion is ideal for bringing a poetic and bucolic note to the decor. We love it! 14.90 euros

Ostrich shaped

Yellow Velvet For the children's room or simply to play the card of originality in the living room, we opt for this cushion in the shape of an ostrich. Its most decorative: a flashy green color that clashes! 25 euros


H&M Home Do you like pop style and want to bring it into your living room? Nothing could be simpler with this blue jacquard woven cushion imagined by H&M Home, which can be placed on the sofa without further ado! 9.99 euros


Ferm Living At Ferm Living, the graphic trend is present even on the cushions. We particularly like this model in pastel tones that harmonize wonderfully with the Scandinavian style. 67.50 euros

Tie and Dye

Fly Fresh, discreet, but very decorative, the Tie and Dye Subtile cushion imagined by Fly is a real favorite. Whether it is in a Scandinavian living room, in a young girl's room or on a chair in an entrance hall, it will have its effect! 12.99 euros

Inspired by India

AM PM The floral patterns of this indigo cushion have been beautifully printed by hand. Inspired by Indian fabrics, this linen fabric will bring the chic touch to your interior regardless of the room in which you dare. 27 euros


H&M Home These zebra pattern cushions will be real allies to bring an ethnic chic atmosphere to your interior design. We are quick to install them on the sofa. 7.95 euros

In linen

Zara Home To give your bed the look of a "family home", opt for this beautiful cushion in dark beige linen. Accompanied by clearer models, it is more noticed. 22.99 euros